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Scorpion Dagger Daruma Otoshi (Limited Edition of 10)

Scorpion Dagger Daruma Otoshi (Limited Edition of 10)

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Scorpion Dagger

“Poor Jude probably doesn’t deserve to be hit with that hammer (depends who you ask), but here we are. So, if it has to be done, please be quick and precise. We don’t want Jude to suffer more than he needs to (again, depends who you ask).”

↳ Daruma Otoshi 
↳ Packed in original design box
↳ made in Japan

  • Traditional Japanese game that requires good eyes and fast reflexes.

  • Purpose of the game is to knock the center pieces out with the hammer with causing the Daruma, a traditional Japanese good luck charm (in this case - Jude’s head!) to topple over.

  • Made 100% wood.

  • D6cmxL19xW7.5

Acclaimed Canadian animator James Kerr re-mixes Renaissance art and real life in his hilarious, often autobiographical GIFs. James Kerr/Scorpion Dagger.



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